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Application for the winter term 2018/19:

Application portals open as follows:
- Uni assist (for applicants with a non-German Bachelor's degree): starting from May 15, 2018
- KLIPS (for applicants with a German Bachelor's degree): starting from June 6, 2018

further information is provided under "Application procedure" below.

Information about admission is provided from beginning of August 2018!


Requirements for admission

Requirements for admission to the Master's study program in Biochemistry are defined in Appendix 1 of the examinations regulation. Admission to the study program requires the availability of necessary scientific certificates, proof of proficiency in English and submission of further certificates (§ 2, Nr. 1), these are:

  • Bachelor's certificate (or equivalent) in Biochemistry or a similar biochemical study program, in natural sciences where at least 180 credit points have been achieved and the final grade is at least "good" (i.e. 2,5) or better.
  • At least 36 credit points (ECTS) of 180 (20%) have to be achieved in basic or advanced biochemical courses, trainings or the bachelor thesis. Biochemical modules are defined as modules in biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, protein engineering, environmental biochemistry, bioenergetics, metabolism, or biotechnology. Modules or courses in areas like cell biology, microbiology, medical (bio)chemistry, organic/inorganic/physical chemistry, physiology, genetics, bionanotechnology, (bio)pharmaceutic chemistry, or bioinformatics do not count as biochemical subject areas.
  • Certificate of proficiency in English (B2/C1 level and/or Bachelor's study program in English). This corresponds to an IELTS total score of at least 6.5 or a TOEFL total score of at least 79.
  • Completed additional application form which is provided via the application portals.


If you have not completed your Bachelor's study program by the time of application for the Master's program:

  • At least 80% of the total credit points, which can be achieved in the Bachelor's study program have to be obtained successfully.
  • Please submit a transcript of records that indicates a preliminary grade, which is then used for the application procedure.
  • In the case of admission to the Master's study program, admission is subject to the condition that the last examination in your Bachelor's study program has been completed by 30th September when applying for winter term, and by 31 March when applying for summer term, respectively. The successful completion of open examinations has to be provided to the office of examinations at the latest 6 weeks after beginning of the Master's study term. If these certificates are not provided at all or not provided in time, confirmation for admission will be invalidated.



Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from German, EU, and non-EU citizens with a Bachelor of Science degree (or equivalent) in Biochemistry or a subject related to Biochemistry, such as Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biomedical programs, Microbiology or other fields of Life Sciences.
In general, applicants will not be considered who hold a Master of Science degree in Biochemistry, Biological Science, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Medicine or Microbiology.


Applications have to be submitted
- by 15th of July for the Winter Term (starting in October)
- by 15th of January for the Summer Term (starting in April).


Application procedure

Applicants with a German (Bachelor’s) degree  

1. Register via the KLIPS 2.0 Portal

-As a student of the University of Cologne please log-in with your existing S-mail-account into KLIPS2.0. (“Log-in” top right).

- All applicants who are not yet enroled at University of Cologne have to register for a new applicant KLIPS2.0. Account

2. Follow the application procedure in KLIPS 2.0. You need to collect the following additional documents for your application, they have to be uploaded in the application platform:

a.    Bachelor certificates and/or transcripts of records of your Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.      (If formal degree certificates are unavailable when you apply, they can be handed in later)

b.   CV
c.   Certificate of proficiency in English
d.   University entrance certificate (or equivalent degree of qualification for access to German
e.   Fill in the additional application form (provided at the KLIPS2.0. portal as pdf form)

Please note: Your application will only be valid and considered in the application procedure, if you submit all requiered documents on time via the KLIPS2.0. portal. 


Applicants with a Non-German (Bachelor’s) degree 

1. Register and apply using the portal uni-assist e.V.

2. Collect the following additional documents and submit them online via uni-assist:

a.      Bachelor certificates and transcripts of records of your Bachelor’s degree or equivalent      
b.      CV
c.       Certificate of proficiency in English
d.      University entrance certificate (or equivalent degree of qualification for access to German
e.      Fill in the additional application form (provided at the uni-assist portal as pdf form)
f.       Further documents mentioned on the uni-assist homepage

In addition all certificates have to be provided as legalized/notarized hard copies in English or German, please send them to uni-assist:

uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

Strongly note: Applications have to arrive by 15th of July for the Winter Term (starting October) and 15th of January for the Summer Term (starting April). We recommend to submit your application as early as possible (you can start 8 weeks before deadline). Application has to be verified by uni-assist for formal accuracy. After that it will be passed to the admission committee for the Biochemistry Master course for final verification.