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Choice and registration for Subject Modules


Timeschedule for enrolement for subject modules in winter term 2019/20

Registration period in KLIPS 2.0: August 21 - September 17, 2019
How to choose your subject modules

You have to register for the Subject Module(s) of your choice in Klips 2.0 - PLEASE perform your choice within the time period mentioned above!!
(before or afterwards there is no access allowed by the system!)
In each term, Subject Modules are generally offered as blocks over 7-8 weeks in the first and second half of the terms (exception Advanced Chemistry, where lectures and seminars are offered during the whole term).

Please select your subject Modules in KLIPS 2.0 as follows:

1. Select for each the first and second half of the term at least three modules of your choice. Please, sign only in the VO = lecture part in KLIPS (do not sign in to the seminars or practical courses of the module in KLIPS 2.0).
Therefore you have to login in KLIPS 2 via your smail-account data. The description how to choose the modules of aour selection is described in the KLIPS online support

2. Prioritise the modules of your choice (1 = highest priority, 3 =  lowest priority), as described under

The chance to get a module of your choice increases with the number of modules you are registered for.  You should therefore register for at least three modules per semester half, and then prioritize them

3. The enrolment will be confirmed afterwards (see timeschedule below) via KLIPS or an Email by the Office of Examinations. Please note, that we try to assign each student those modules of her/his first choice, however, this is not always possible.

In case of problems with the registration during this period, write an Email with your priorities to sgrandelSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de by March 13, 2019 at the latest.

Confirmation of module enrolment for the first half of summer term 2019: by March 22, 2019
Confirmation of module enrolment for the second half of summer term 2019: if possible by March 22, 2019, at the latest beginning of April 2019

Subject Modules offered in Winter Term 2019/20


Modules are organized as block seminars of about 7 weeks, which take place in the first or second half of the term or are operated as full term modules.

Advanced modules - 1st half of term:

Biochemical subject modules:

General subject modules


Advanced modules - 2nd half of term:

Biochemical subject modules:

General subject modules:


Whole term / non term

Advanced modules:

Specialization modules (documents provided under):

  • Laboratory modules
  • Project Proposal module
  • Master Thesis and Defense